Make an Eternal Investment

Becoming a sponsor of one or more of these beautiful children allows you to literally make an eternal investment, one you will never regret. These children have either no family or no family member who is willing or able to take care of them, therefore they live at Gentle Shepherd Home. As you pick one special child to connect to specifically, your monthly donation is added to other generous sponsor donations for the benefit and well-being of all the children in the children’s home. Therefore, no child receives funds directly so that all children even those who do not have sponsors benefit.

Child Sponsorship as well as other non-specified general contributions cover the children’s basic needs, food, clothing, and medical. It also provides tuition and other school expenses for their education, as well as salaries for the trained national workers who care for the children. Your sponsorship along with others help to provide the loving environment these children need and deserve. 

We have two levels of monthly sponsorship:  $50 (half) or $105 (full).  You can make monthly or a one-time annual payment through our website, or we can set up automatic monthly donations using a debit/credit card or a bank draft.  You can also mail checks:  ILS 108 SE Harris, Burleson, TX. 76028.  Your donations are tax deductible and you will receive a year end statement.

We ask that you commit to sponsoring your child for at least one year, however our hope is that you will continue until he/she is no longer in need of a sponsor. We ask you to communicate through a brief letter or card once a year and perhaps a card at Christmas. These are to be mailed to us and we will take them to Kenya (we send email reminders). Especially we ask you to pray often, even daily for your child!

Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a child or would like more information.  See below some of our beautiful children who are in need of sponsors.  These pictures were taken in 2019/2020.  JUST PICK ONE!

Mary Mwikwabe

Mary came to GSH in Feb.2017 when her mother died after birth when unable to pay hospital fees, so she went untreated. 

Joshua Marare

Joshua’s mother suffers greatly with a flesh-eating disease, his father died in 2012. Brought to GSH at age 6 Feb. 2015.

John Weisiko

John and his sister came in July 2014, John was 9 yrs. old. Their father died of malaria and mother of AIDS. Both children are HIV positive. 

David Emmanuel

David (Daudi) came to GSH with Lucy his sister in Jan. 2017, Daudi was 5 years old.  Both of their parents are deceased.

Christine Murimi

Christine & her baby sister came to GSH in 2010. Christine was 3 years old. No family to care fro them.

Isaac Nyamboge

Isaac came to GSH at age 6 in May 2013. His mother died in 2007, he was living with his older brothers but suffering a lot with little food. 

Gloria Boke John

Gloria with sister Oliver came to GSH March 2011, she was 7. Her father was killed & her mother unable to care for them.

Gideon Mwita

Gideon and his sister came to GSH 2008, he was 4. His mother became insane from malaria and ran away, presumed dead. 

Bryan Rioba

Brian, oldest of 5 siblings brought in 2013, he was 8 yrs. Father died and mother had mental problems. Kids always left alone.

Abel Injaga

Abel was born Aug. 23, 2018. His mother died after giving birth to him, so the hospital called us. No family to care for him.

Emmanuel Onyango

In 2014 we took three siblings, Manwel was age 4. Father died, mother was insane, they were passed from neighbour to neighbour. 

Damaris Rhobi

May 2018 we took 3 sisters whose father died of TB and mother very sick and unable to keep them. Damaris, Elizabeth & Catherine.

Elizabeth Wagesa

We took 3 sisters in 2018. Elizabeth was the youngest, 2, Damaris 4 & Catherine 5. Their mother is still alive but very sick.

Catherine Nekesa

Catherine was the oldest of three sisters who came to live with us in May 2018. Living with their very feeble grandmother.

Conslata Getono

Conslata was 2 yrs. old when her mother died in 2017 with cancer. Her father was struggling greatly to care for all the children.

Christine Mohabe

Christine came to GSH in May 2013. She was living with her grandmother after the death of her in 2007. Christine was 6 years od. 

Ann Maroo

Ann along with her younger brother Charles came to GSH Nov. 2015, she was 5 yrs. old. Parents are deceased. 

Charity Chacha

Charity came to GSH with her twin sister Purity in Nov. 2014,  2 years old. Mother died after birth, poisoned by neighbor.

Purity Chacha

Purity & twin sister Charity came to GSH Nov. 2014 at age 2. Their mother was poisoned after giving birth to them and died.

Daniel Gati

Daniel came to GSH Feb. 2016 at age 8 with his younger sister and brother. Both parents are deceased.

Alpha Ombasa

Alpha was the firstborn as his name replies, born March 1st, 2019. His mother died in childbirth.

Esther Boke

Esther came for help at our gate one morning in March 2020. We took her and her younger brother Babere.

Brilliant Kembo

Brilliant and her siblings, Clinton & Macline came to GSH in Dec. 2019. She is 3 yrs. old. Both parents are deceased.

Clinton Emmanuel

Clinton is 9 years old. He came to GSH in Dec 2019 along with his sisters, Brilliant & Macline.

Macline Moraa

Macline along with her sister and brother came to GSH in Dec. 2019. She is 10 yrs. old.

Daniel ChaCha

Daniel age 1, came to GSH in June 2020. His mother is mentally unstable, came with siblings.

Emmanuel Mwita

Emmanuel, 3 yrs, came to GSH June 2020. His mother is mentally unstable, putting children at risk.

Christine Maisori

Christine came to GSH 2011, she was 2 yrs. old. Her mother died from an epileptic seizure.

Gladys Biyaki

Gladys was born Sept 2019 on a dirt road on the way to the hospital, her mother died in childbirth.

Alex Otieno

Alex came to Gentle Shepherd In October 2020 with his newborn sister, Carol and older sister Joe’. Alex was 4 years old.

Carolyn Adhiambo

Carolyn’s mother died in childbirth from complications. After investigating, we took Carol and two siblings, the family are very poor.

Harrison Mwita

Harrison came to Gentle Shepherd Home in April 2021. His mother had complications during childbirth and Harrison was delivered by Cesarean section, unfortunately his mother died during the operation.

Humphrey Kirindo

Humphre, age 3y and his older brother Sunday, age 9 came to Gentle Shepherd in December 2020. We were called to investigate a very poor family struggling to survive.

Joseph Bosongo

Joseph (6) and his younger sister Jacklyn (4) came to GSH in Aug., 2017. Their mother is blind and unable to care for them, their father died in a motorcycle accident.

Joy Akoth

Joe’ (Joy) came to GSH with her younger brother, Alex and her newborn sister Carol. Their mother died and the family was extremely poor and struggling to survive.

Lady Adhambo

Lady and 4 siblings came to GSH in April 2013, she was 7 yrs. old. Their mother was working as a prostitute, an alcoholic and had mental problems, a very hard life.

Naomi Akinyi

Naomi, born Feb. 6, 2021. Her mother gave birth on the way to the hospital, but after arriving at the hospital the doctors delayed in attending her and she died.

Sunday Robi

Sunday, age 9 and his younger brother Humphrey (3y) came to GSH in Dec. 2020. We were called to investigate and found they were really struggling to survive.


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