This is not a staged, choreographed event but a real life, multi-cultural trip to a developing country.

One of the joys of ILS is taking people on short-term (2 week) mission trips to Kenya, East Africa. Ministering in churches and schools located on the SW border of Kenya and Tanzania not far from Lake Victoria. We stay in our guest house located on the compound of Gentle Shepherd orphanage, allowing us time every day with the children. We also have village outreaches and visit homes. Twice a year we host and organize teams to minister in our annual Pastors and Church Leader’s Conference (Sept.) and our Women’s Conference (April).

These trips are packed with plenty of opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and demonstrate His love, no matter what your particular gifting might be.  They are unique opportunities to joyfully serve in humility, which will preach with great effect as any spoken sermon. Planning and participating in a mission trip isn’t easy, inexpensive or convenient.  It takes money and time, and fears and obstacles must be overcome for the benefit of people and kids you don’t know.  But obeying the commandment of Jesus to “Go” is worth any sacrifice or commitment.

Based on a 10-15 day trip, the cost is approx. $3,000. – $3,200. (non-refundable).  This covers your airfare, ground transportation, food and lodging.  Even though we can’t change the world in 10 days, we can make a world of difference. If you are interested in a short-term trip or want more information concerning upcoming trips, please contact us.


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