Teaching & Training


LEADER’S CONFERENCES Teaching and training is a huge part of the vision of ILS. We organize teams to train, encourage and equip pastors and church leaders in our annual leader’s conferences. This is an intense time of discipleship empowering these men & women to evangelize, disciple and nurture their own people. Most of these leaders come from very remote and poor villages, no vehicles and isolated from any source of training or teaching. Therefore ILS provides their transportation, food and lodging for the conference duration. This is an important time of promoting unity and encouraging them to pray, forgive and support each other.

Our annual Pastor’s and Church Leader’s Conferences allow us to build upon the foundation and principles already laid in prior conferences. Relationships are forged and unity among the leaders is increasing …the kingdom of God is being realized! Every year we hear more and more testimonies as these men and women appropriate the truths of God’s Word. Lives are being transformed and set free. Denominational barriers, tribal walls, jealousy and competition is being torn down by repentance and reconciliation as we promote the love of Christ. Many of these leaders come very burdened in their ministries, as they have walked alone, but leave uplifted and with a greater awareness of their fellow brothers in sisters in Christ and the power of joining together as a family.

A FOCUS ON WOMEN As we have traveled overseas we have seen incredible gender discrimination. Women are often beaten, not allowed to speak and certainly not respected. In many cultures, a girl is devalued from birth. She may be given less food, denied urgent medical care and assigned exhausting chores. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a real danger to young girls in these cultures. As a young teen, she may be forced to end her education in order to marry. God has led us to confront some of these issues in our Leader’s Conferences, in Special Women Seminars and certainly in our actions and attitudes.We organize teams to train, encourage and equip pastors and church leaders in our annual leaders conferences.