ILS Ministries

We are the body of Christ

International Living Streams Partners with the Body of Christ here in the US and in developing nations to fulfill the great commission…

We work with indigenous leaders overseas to help them reach their own people with the Word of God, through leadership conferences, teaching, training and equipping. Jesus commanded his followers to “Go and Make Disciples of all nations …teaching them to obey Everything I have commanded them”. This commandment implies a long term investment in the lives of people.

We are Committed to Working with the Worlds most Vulnerable People This is usually women and children who are easy prey for exploitation. We seek to follow Jesus in His identification with the poor, the powerless and the oppressed, in His respect for the dignity which He gives equally to men and women; in His challenge to injustice and His call to share our resources with those less fortunate. We believe “the least of these” are a high priority to God.

In 1979 we received a letter from a pastor in Kenya, East Africa and in 1983 we met and sponsored a young girl in India to attend bible college. Through these lifelong relationships God has opened doors of ministry as we continue to develop and cultivate relationships with these and other wonderful brothers and sisters