Become a Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor of one or more of these beautiful children, allows you to literally make an eternal investment, one you will never regret.  An opportunity to change a life forever.

We have three levels of monthly sponsorship:

  •  $35
  •  $70
  • $105

The cost to fully sponsor a child is $105 per month. This covers their basic needs, food, clothing, and medical. It also provides tuition and other school expenses for their education, as well as salaries for the national workers who care for the children. Three levels of sponsorship are a great way to share with a friend, family member or one of our other sponsors.

How do I give?
You may make monthly or a one time annual payment.

  • Auto donate using a credit/debit card or echeck (Preferred method of payment)
  • Mail a check to ILS 108 SE Harris Burleson, Texas 76028
  • Pay online with (using our “donate” link)

What are my obligations?
We ask that you commit to sponsoring your child for at least one year, however our hope is that you will continue until he/she is no longer in need of a sponsor. We ask you to communicate through a brief letter or card once a year and perhaps a card at Christmas. These will be mailed to us and taken, and we will send email reminders. Especially we ask you to pray often, even daily for your child!

Are my gifts tax deductible?
Yes. You will receive a year end statement of your donations.

To begin Sponsorship or for more information, please Contact Us.

Become a Sponsor